Haven Win Autumn 2020

By Competitions, News
Acts of kindness "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness that completely blew you...
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Haven Extras Autumn 2020

By Home Lifestyle Tips, News
Haven Review This brave, beautifully written memoir from Brisbane comedian Corey White is brutal, darkly hilarious at times, unflinchingly honest, heart wrenching and yet through it all, so hopeful. It...
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Help after the fires

By Finance Help, News

Bushfires have devastated communities across Australia, but help is flooding in from business, government and individuals. Big banks and small lenders have been quick to step up with a raft of measures to ease the pressure on affected customers, from waiving fees and deferring repayments to fast-tracking low-interest rebuilding loans….

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Is this the year of the first home buyers?

By Buying My First Home, Finance Help, News

Many first home buyers now have access to a new government scheme that could get them into their first homes years sooner. Housing affordability is a key challenge for many younger people who are struggling to get into the housing market. Despite historically high house prices levelling out and lower…

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RBA cash rate unchanged at 0.75%

By News

The first cash rate decision for 2020 has been announced by the RBA with the rate unchanged at 0.75%, as it assesses the economic threat posed by the bushfire crisis and the coronavirus outbreak. The Reserve Bank will have been encouraged by positive employment, inflation and house price figures and…

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